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We are Jack and Yvonne v Wijk and we are owner of Great Danes since 1970.
After a few years to get many information about the Great Danes we have started
our first breeding of Great Danes into 1977.
We were starting with yellow and brindle breed and the first combination
was with our champion Basco Xaverius v d Smelte with Natascha  v d Smelte
We are living in a small village called Vinkeveen in the middle of Holland.
We moved to Breukelen also in the middle of Holland were we also started
with the color black and white (harlekin).
In the past we have a lot of succes on many exhibitions into Europe,
so we got many champions from our breed such as Dutch champions,
International champions and jong winster and winsters in Amsterdam.
We are breeding alphabetic from A, and after 27 years we are now on the Z.
We are breeding as a hobby, so we give many attention's to all our dogs,
and they growing up into the house with the family.
We wish you a happy time on our site.
Jack and Yvonne.

Jack  & Yvonne van Wijk

Broekdijk-Oost 9

3621 LM Breukelen

Tel: 0346-264040